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Wedding Trends – Post-COVID and Beyond

All those postponed and rescheduled weddings have been tough on venues and bridal couples trying to figure out when and how to plan a wedding reception. Given the shakeup that COVID-19 has given us all, there are new practices and emerging trends that brides and grooms—and the caterers who provide service for those weddings—should be aware of, at least for the foreseeable future.

In general, we’re seeing smaller parties, more outdoor and backyard weddings, and different ways to plan menus and serve food. Even wedding days have changed; more weekdays are now being booked when venues and vendors are often more available. Those weekdays can also provide cost savings for the hosts since weekends have always been at a premium.

Going Smaller

The sustainability trend has been growing for several years but now more than ever, couples and their families are saving money and reducing their environmental footprint by sending electronic save-the-dates (or change-the-dates as the case may be!) and invitations. Save the trees, save the postage, and use the money elsewhere.

Smaller weddings—some with only a few dozen attendees—are trending, perhaps in an ongoing response to the occupancy and social gathering limits we all experienced last year. These very intimate events with downsized guest lists are not only easier to manage and plan; they also lend a highly meaningful aspect to the day, given that the guests represent the closest family and friends.

With concerns for safety and comfort, smaller seating arrangements and pod seating may continue. When it comes to cocktail hour, sharing large appetizer boards and other presentations as we did pre-COVID is being replaced by more individual appetizers and small plates in personalized serving sizes. Think little glasses of bisque, mini wedding cakes, and individually plated appetizer selections. For those who are not ready for buffet-style service, plated dinners are always in style.

Upsizing From the Pandemic Restrictions

On the flip side: people who couldn’t hold their wedding as planned in 2020, and perhaps had a simple ceremony with a handful of people in attendance (or a hybrid live-virtual event), are holding their sequel wedding now, with a larger-scale party to celebrate the way they’d hoped to do last year.

Interesting Venues and Destinations

Bridal couples are seeking out the more unusual to make their wedding more special. In the New York metro area we serve, there are many interesting spots and regional destinations for weddings—river cruise boats, historic mansions, museums, beaches, and mountain retreats that provide a romantic setting for wedding parties small and large. Dreamy tents and twinkle lights are in this year as well.

Unconventional locations are calling for unconventional, mismatched seating as some wedding couples are planning less structured, more personalized affairs. 

Also trending is color and lots of it, in bridal bouquets, floral arrangements, and décor. Look for vibrant jewel tones and deep autumn colors such as marigold, deep purple, rust; mixing soft and darker hues such as pale pink with purple; or pairing dusty hues and neutrals. 

Full-Service Wedding Catering from Martin + Fitch

One wedding trend that’s always in style is working with Martin + Fitch. Our seasonally fresh food, inspired by global cuisine, is one way we deliver extraordinary wedding experiences and social events. 

As a full-service caterer serving clients in NYC and NJ, we can help with all aspects of your wedding plans. Beyond crafting your customized menu, our culinary team will help you select a fabulous venue, vendors who will design eye-catching décor (and work with you on those fabulous color schemes), and photographers, videographers, musicians and DJs. For locations that require rentals, we can handle that, too, so that you can focus on enjoying your big day with family and friends. We design and cater micro weddings and large-scale events with equal attention to every detail. Contact us to discuss how we can create an extraordinary wedding experience for you, at

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