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How Holiday Parties Elevate Corporate Culture

As the tireless administrators of corporate policy, distributors of employee manuals, and mediators of inter-office disputes, most human resource managers don’t get the recognition—or the thanks—they deserve.

However, HR professionals who have the foresight to build their firm’s positive corporate culture may just earn themselves some kudos this holiday season–in addition to a more motivated, happier work team—thanks to planning a company holiday party.

Celebrate Your Team with a Holiday Party

The annual holiday party is the pièce de resistance when gathering the team together to highlight accomplishments and camaraderie. A party can be the perfect time to recognize employees who have hit their sales goals, celebrate a record number of injury-free hours in the shop, or congratulate your team on a job well done. suggests that office parties should be planned to express a sense of appreciation for employees who meaningfully contribute to the corporation. They are a great resource for minimizing conflict and maximizing cooperation among your team.

In short, office parties have a profound morale-boosting effect because, while your team is having fun, they realize the intangible benefits and rewards of working for your firm. That keeps employees feeling happy and appreciated.

Office Parties Build Better Workplace Relationships

A positive corporate culture will help your company retain and recruit qualified employees and encourage them to excel, collaborate, and work hard. The average American will spend 90,000 hours (45 years) of their life at work; however, many employees only engage in relationships within their department. When given a chance to mingle outside of their cubicle group, your team will build and cultivate relationships across different departments, creating a more loyal, cohesive, and motivated team.

Office parties and social events provide valuable insights for managers. Spending the evening with your employees in a social setting may reveal talents and ideas you may not have otherwise seen during traditional work hours. Additionally, providing an opportunity for facetime between workers and their C-suite executives is invaluable in connecting names with faces and making them memorable.

A Professional Corporate Caterer Makes All the Difference

With so much evolving in the New York area’s office environments, HR directors and business owners are juggling a lot of variables. Working with a corporate catering company like Martin + Fitch helps establish your ideal company culture in a fun and rewarding way—and takes the pressure off when it comes to planning these events. 

Judson Kleinman, CEO of Martin + Fitch says, “Martin + Fitch can tailor any event, including company holiday parties and in-office social gatherings, to meet your specific needs. Bring your ideas to us; we have the corporate catering expertise to make your office party an extraordinary event.”

What type of company culture do you wish to create? If the answer is formal and traditional, you could plan an upscale party or a black-tie affair. If your company is more laid back and “cool,” select a theme that reflects that casual nature—beach party, anyone? The options are as boundless as your imagination and Martin + Fitch can execute whatever theme you dream up.

Corporate Catering and Holiday Parties in NYC and NJ

Whether it’s an elegant gala or a cozy gathering, the Martin & Fitch team can make your office party ideas come alive with a menu that will complement any theme and every dietary preference.  We serve companies in Manhattan, NJ and NYC, helping human resources directors promote a happy workplace with a range of event planning services. Judson says, “From a cocktail party to a white tablecloth dinner with servers, we will help you gather your team for a celebration in your workspace or venue of your choice.”

Contact the Martin & Fitch team for your upcoming holiday party or office catering for any occasion throughout the NY metropolitan area. Call us in NJ at 917-859-0025, in NY at 646-745-0146, or email our culinary team at

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