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Corporate Catering: The Employee Perk that Goes the Distance

The pandemic has taught us that bonuses and health benefits are not the only perks highly valued by employees. After two years of living in a pandemic, employees have endured high stress levels, increased working hours, and unprecedented multitasking between work and family responsibilities. 

For the most part, the workforce wants something more than punching a clock and depositing a paycheck. The key for employers is to figure out how they can support and retain employees, attract strong talent, and create a healthy, productive corporate culture as we all move forward and leave Covid in the rearview mirror.

Corporate Catering Programs Keep Your Team Healthy and Happy

Office perks like a corporate catering program can go a long way to boost morale, improve health and wellness, and welcome your team back to the office. They can also help your bottom line. Lost productivity due to illness can cost businesses a significant amount, so being proactive in helping your employees access proper nutrition is a win-win.

Providing workplace nutrition as a benefit for your employees can make a significant difference in retaining good workers and recruiting new talent. According to Indeed, 67% of employees are “extremely” or “very happy” at their current jobs when provided with free food at work. This translates into increased retention rates and the ability to attract a higher caliber of talent.

Help Your Team Build a Positive Culture in the Workplace

Prioritizing work-life balance through a variety of services and employee perks can help you hit your stride for a positive corporate culture by emphasizing healthy living and reducing stress.

  • Encourage “walking” meetings if the weather and meeting agenda cooperate
  • Implement 15-minute timeout breaks for meditation, yoga, stretching, or breathing techniques
  • Introduce “step challenges” for your team to enjoy friendly competition and exercise
  • Make yearly work anniversaries an extra paid time off day for employees to celebrate their tenure with your firm
  • Establish a deal with a local dry cleaning service or arrange pick-up and drop-off at the office
  • Offer concierge services to help employees get their errands and tasks done while they are at work
  • Make daycare available to staff on site or incorporate a benefit that would provide daycare at a discounted rate

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Bring On the Healthy Meals and Snacks

Great food brings people together—and makes employees feel appreciated while energizing productivity. Consider these ideas for client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and interactive meetings.

  • Host weekly community lunches for coworkers to share a meal and get to know each other in a meaningful way
  • Provide “grab and go” lunches to encourage employees to enjoy a quick lunch on corporate grounds while getting a breath of fresh air
  • Enlist the help of a corporate catering company to encourage participation in meal-focused breakfast or midday meetings
  • Offer healthy snacks or meals to provide nutrition and energize team members working to meet critical deadlines
  • Plan an on-site happy hour or office social to promote camaraderie and communication among staffers
  • Create an unforgettable on-site meeting or conference event with a professional office caterer rather than taking clients out to a restaurant

“More and more companies are offering food as a perk,” says Judson Kleinman, CEO of Martin + Fitch Catering. “In the quest to attract and retain qualified, productive professionals, the ultimate winners will be the companies that offer the most valued and unique options that enhance and promote quality of life for their corporate team. A high-quality workplace meal program with abundant options will provide the long-term engagement that makes your employees feel valued in the long run.”

Find the Right Corporate Caterer

“Programs and offerings from corporate caterers such as Martin + Fitch can change your corporate culture,” says Judson. “Choose a provider with the experience and know-how to provide nutritional expertise through thoughtfully-curated, locally-sourced, farm-to-table selections. Meals must also include options for food sensitivities and allergies to engage and delight every member of your professional family.”

For business owners, winning the race means thinking strategically about how to welcome your team back to the office. Contact Martin + Fitch for inspiration and information about providing nutrition and energy to your corporate staff.

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