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Good Food Brings More Employees Back to the Office

We’re back in business! As we’ve progressed through the pandemic, business owners and corporate executives have realized the value of working together in the office. Although the ability to work remotely has introduced an abundance of new ways to get the job done, there is something inherently valuable about a team that can innovate, brainstorm, and collaborate together—in person.

Workplace Catering Brings Workers Back in Force

As a “welcome back” effort, employers are embracing their staff with good cheer by providing workplace nutrition programs that include healthy meal offerings emphasizing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry, fish, and legumes.

Employers are optimistic that providing nutritious breakfasts, energizing midday meals, and after-hours light bites for the team will result in higher productivity, better morale, and improved job satisfaction. Well-fueled employees are less likely to experience stress and burnout because a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep positively impact physical, emotional, and mental health. The benefits are immeasurable when managers find innovative and creative means to engage their employees in healthful habits. 

In-Office Catering is Good for Small Businesses

The surge of post-pandemic office re-openings has increased the desire for business catering programs. As companies resume normalcy by resuming in-person status, corporate caterers are busy riding the wave and filling tall orders for their services, especially since their sales had slumped during the pandemic thanks to the shutdown and office closures. 

Throughout the reopening process, caterers still had to deal with social distancing guidelines and event headcount limits. Unlike typical restaurants, caterers could not shift to takeout models and didn’t have the value of a direct relationship with their customers. Despite these challenges, the industry promises to come back strong with a new focus and direction. The perks of working in person will pay off economically for the food service-related small businesses that we know and love. Many caterers began expanding their businesses even as most employees were still working from home. They are now enjoying the influx of breakfast sandwiches, salads, and pastry orders for their neighborhood offices. 

Today’s “new normal” comprises flexible work schedules and live and remote work combinations. Managers are dealing with staffing shortages, inflation, and residual COVID concerns. However, they are realizing the value of rewarding employees with benefits that enhance the professional experience. The corporate model is trending toward providing nutritious foods that fuel workers during the day and planning enjoyable social events to bring the staff together. 

“Companies realize that offering good food is the best way to cultivate a happy, engaged staff,” says Judson Kleinman, CEO of Martin + Fitch Catering.“The intrinsic benefits are well worth the investment of delivering good nutrition while providing a healthy company culture and a high-energy atmosphere.”

Corporate Catering is Open for Business in the New York Metro Area 

Corporate catering is gaining favor so quickly that many businesses provide it multiple times a week or even daily. Delighting your team with a pleasing and expansive array of offerings that suit every dietary need and preference is an effort that will pay off in the future. 

“A corporate catering initiative elevates job satisfaction for employees, which results in better retention and productivity levels,” says Kleinman. “More people show up when food is on the table.”

Martin + Fitch caters workplace meals and snacks to fuel your team in Manhattan, New York and New Jersey with innovative menus that continually offer fresh, seasonal selections which accommodate every dietary need and preference. Contact Martin + Fitch for inspiration and information about providing nutrition and energy to your team.

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