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HR Strategy for Retention: Employees Go Where the Food Is

As you’ll hear in this video, people always tend to gravitate and “graze” wherever the food is when you entertain at home, where they can enjoy socializing over delicious appetizers or a meal.

At Martin + Fitch, we help employers in New York and New Jersey bring the same element of camaraderie to their teams and guests by bringing delicious food to their workplace.

The Benefits of Workplace Dining for NY and NJ Corporations

Martin + Fitch can turn your ordinary break room into a gathering place for catered meals, individual boxed lunches, breakfast treats, and fresh fruit and snacks. We customize our workplace dining services with office catering tailored to your needs and employees’ preferences, with innovative and delicious menus that rotate with the seasons.

Breakfast meetings, working lunches, and after-hours socials are transformed into something special with freshly prepared dishes and elegant catered meals. Whether your team gathers around the break room table or in the conference room, books space in your office building for a party or needs off-site corporate catering, the culinary team at Martin + Fitch creates moments that will draw people to where the food is.

“Some of the offerings we’re providing include hot boxed lunches, hot breakfasts, fresh muffins, and fresh-cut fruit,” said Judson Kleinman, CEO of Martin + Fitch. “We customize our workplace dining options to the specific client and what their needs are.”

Employee Perks: In-Office Catered Meals 

Businesses throughout New York City, Manhattan and New Jersey are bringing their teams back to the office. One way to make that return easier—and enhance your corporate culture—is to offer meals and healthy snacks your team craves.

To paraphrase an old saying, the way to your team’s hearts is through their stomachs. When they know a delicious and healthy catered lunch will be provided or that on-trend finger foods are available when they’re working hard to meet a deadline, your team knows you care. And at Martin + Fitch, we have many delicious ways to fuel a positive vibe in your NY or NJ location. 

“We know that we’re doing something good for our clients; we’re helping them bring people back and enhance the culture, which is always our focus,” said Kleinman.

We’d love to share our ideas with you or come up with some customized ways to keep your employees well fed and well taken care of. And create a workplace where your people are happy to go.

We deliver freshly prepared meals and healthy snacks for meetings, corporate events, and as an employee perk according to your company’s needs. Contact us in NJ at 917-859-0025 and in NY at 646-745-0146; or email us at to start making your workplace the place your team can count on for great food.

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