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The Benefits of Nutritious Food + Snacks in Workplace Dining in NYC + NJ

Providing Healthful Nutrition at Work Boosts Employee Morale, Productivity + Satisfaction

There are good reasons why New York City has healthy workplace nutrition guidelines in place. Good nutrition is at the heart of maintaining optimal health and keeping our immune systems strong. And a workplace nutrition program encourages healthy eating among all employees. 

The NYC guidelines emphasize fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products; low-fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry, fish, and legumes for protein; and small amounts of salt, sugar, and saturated fat. The program includes health-conscious menu ideas for meetings and events that follow recommended food guidelines. That gets our vote!

Nutritious foods + snacks for NY + NJ companies

At Martin & Fitch, we’re all about providing healthful, freshly prepared meals and snacks for our NY and NJ corporate catering clients. Our workplace dining options are designed to delight your employees and guests and create a workplace culture that helps employers show they care about their teams’ well-being. But beyond great taste and innovative cuisine, we understand that nutritious foods and snacks are an employee perk that benefits everyone in many ways. 

Benefits of good nutrition in workplace dining 

Employers who invest in creating a healthy workplace culture reap the benefits of employees who are well-nourished in more ways than one. And teams benefit from having more nutritious meal and snack options available, too.

Putting the focus on nutritious workplace dining means offering seasonally-fresh grab-and-go meals and catered lunches and/or dinners. As a full-service corporate caterer working with companies throughout the New York metro area, we provide fresh salads and sandwiches, delicious catered meals that reflect cultural and ethnic diversity, and healthful snacks that today’s teams prefer.

Catering to employee preferences is an employee perk that gets noticed

Foods high in antioxidants and low in trans fats, sugars and fats all contribute to a healthier workforce and a healthier workplace.

  • Offering better workplace nutrition as an employee perk can help attract your employees back to the office, retain a strong workforce (so crucial in today’s post-COVID world), and show your team your appreciation. 
  • Better food and beverage options feed positive attitudes about being back at the office. Good, fresh food is always appreciated and contributes to a positive attitude about being on site. If your team is remote or you have work-from-home employees, consider sending them snack boxes with goodies their onsite colleagues are enjoying.
  • Healthy snacks keep your team energized which enhances employee focus and productivity—especially when employees can grab healthful snacks that fill them up with better-for-them calories. Full stomachs with nutritious food (not junk food) also means alert minds.
  • Workplace nutrition helps reduce stress and burnout. Keep your team fueled and satisfied with fresh veggies and dips, selections of cheeses and crackers, yogurt and fresh fruit, or individually boxed meals packed with freshness in every bite.
  • Working with a corporate caterer that customizes menu options means serving workplace meals that can be adjusted for improved nutrition and meet dietary preferences. For example, the Martin & Fitch culinary team can replace ingredients or create balanced, plant-based menus that cater to vegetarian or vegan diets. 
  • Healthy meals and snacks at your office are “fast food” that’s more nutritious. 
  • Offering workplace nutrition saves employees time (no need to run to the corner deli or order takeout—great options are right down the hall!). 
  • People connect when sharing delicious catered food. 

Contact Martin & Fitch to put great workplace dining at your NY or NJ location

We work with companies throughout New York City, Manhattan and New Jersey, delivering freshly prepared meals and healthy snacks for meetings, corporate events, and as an employee perk. Contact us in NJ at 917-859-0025 and in NY at 646-745-0146; or email us at to start bringing nutritious foods and snacks to your team.

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