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Supporting Local Purveyors to Fuel Small Business

At Martin + Fitch, We Love our Local Purveyors

We’ve all heard the phrase, “shop local” which has been promoted nationwide for years in support of Small Business Saturday, which encourages consumers to shop at local small businesses. At Martin + Fitch, we have embraced this practice in support of some small local businesses in NY and NJ that provide goods for our catering firm.


Using local vendors in the greater NY metro area means supporting purveyors who, like us, are small businesses—including family-owned companies that are important to their communities—and getting the freshest ingredients delivered to our culinary team.


Martin + Fitch local purveyors

At Martin + Fitch, we have selected local suppliers that reflect our commitment to the freshest, high-quality ingredients that go into every dish we prepare. They include:

  • Chef’s Warehouse in the Bronx, New York for our dry goods, such as herbs and spices, rice and grains, pasta and cereals, and condiments. Chef’s Warehouse is a family-operated specialty food distributor that supports area chefs by offering high-quality artisan ingredients. It serves fine dining establishments and upscale caterers and at Martin + Fitch, we appreciate that we can get a broad range of exotic spices and seasonings and other ingredients for our globally inspired cuisine.

  • Performance Foodservice, with a location in nearby Elizabeth, New Jersey, which provides us with dry goods as well. We appreciate the company’s commitment to quality ingredients and personalized service. Our clients appreciate the many delicious dishes they’ve enjoyed, flavored with rubs, spices and seasonings from Performance Foodservice. 

  • For the freshest poultry, we use Goffle Road Poultry Farm in Wyckoff, NJ, a family-owned business that is a fixture in its community. We buy our farm-fresh chicken, turkey and duck, and eggs from Goffle Road Poultry Farm. All poultry are all-natural and free-range, raised without antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and animal by-products. By supporting this local and popular small business, we are also supporting Amish farmers in Pennsylvania, who partner with Goffle Road to provide enough poultry to meet consumer demand for its excellent products. For clients who seek something more adventurous on their catering menu, the farm also stocks an interesting assortment of game.

Benefits of shopping and buying local

Using local-to-us farms and other suppliers is an investment in entrepreneurship and keeps money in the local economy. This practice helps businesses in our NY/NJ area continue to thrive, supports workers in the region, avoids shipping products from faraway destinations, and provides our catering firm with the finest ingredients and freshest foods. And, with some of the purveyors we use, buying from them also means the potential to source more unique or sustainable products. 

“We encourage our clients and colleagues to support businesses in their areas with a ‘shop local’ mindset for these and other reasons, especially when it comes to merchants in your community,” said Judson Kleinman, CEO of Martin + Fitch and our sister company, Corporate Essentials, which also uses local purveyors for some of its items. “Of course, the big box stores and national chains have their place for all of us as consumers—but local businesses have the heart of the communities and customers they serve.”

If you’re looking for an upscale caterer local to your company in northern New Jersey or Manhattan, contact Martin + Fitch to see how we can put some of these products from local suppliers on your menu. Our email is info@martinandfitch.com; or call us in NJ 973-768-3924 and in NY at 646-745-0146.

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