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Team Appreciation in the Workplace with Office Catering

Put an Attitude of Gratitude into the Workplace with Office Catering

Show your team your appreciation with workplace dining options


With Thanksgiving approaching and the holiday season on its heels, this is a time of year when business owners and C-suite executives show gratitude to their clients and customers in various ways. But what about your team?

Your hard-working employees deserve some love as well and workplace dining offers some great ways to show your gratitude to your team.


Teams-giving lunch. Ask your corporate caterer about providing a festive Thanksgiving luncheon with a twist: an in-office “teams-giving” take on “Friendsgiving.” This could be on the day before the holiday, with a half-workday, half-party day for your employees. Be sure your caterer can accommodate various dietary needs and preferences with gluten-free, and vegetarian or vegan options. (Hint: Teams-giving need not include turkey when creative dishes inspired by global cuisine are available.)


Catered year-end recognition meeting. Given the last 18 months we’ve all been through, levity may be the key to hosting a fun recognition event for your team, with wacky awards that set the table for a lot of fun. Better yet, invite your team members to come up with awards and nominees.


Of course, you can always use the occasion for time-honored acknowledgements such as “employee of the year,” “best customer service,” or “highest sales for the year.” If your location is large enough, bring in a catered lunch or dinner—or a series of smaller catered meals by department or team, with more social distancing in mind among a more intimate group. Individually wrapped plated meals or boxed meals are great ways to bring the festivities to the office. 


Off-site catered event. If everyone’s eager to get out for something off-site, consider hosting a catered recognition lunch or dinner at an outside venue. In NYC and New Jersey, where we cater to the business community, there are many interesting places for such events; our catering team is happy to help you select one. A more lavish awards gala to honor your employees, vendors/suppliers, or customers would also call for one of the NY metro area’s venues that allow for outside corporate catering.


Throw a themed party. Where is everyone dreaming of traveling—Mexico? France? East Asia? Martin + Fitch can create themed menus from around the world to bring vacation destinations to your team over a bountiful international meal. Invite your employees to dress up and decorate the office to add to the fun. 


Seasonal-themed coffee or snack break. Start their day off or create a midday surprise with an employee perk they’ll really enjoy—a catered waffle station, fall- or winter-themed pastries and other desserts, freshly baked and individually wrapped, served with coffees and teas. If snacks make more sense for later in the day, ask your caterer about healthful goodies such as cheese and fruit displays with crackers and breads, or eclectic light bites. Decorate the break room or conference room with seasonal décor and let your team fuel up with some delicious goodwill.


In-office cocktail hour. Consider hosting a very happy hour or two at your workplace, with cocktails and mocktails and a selection of hors d’oeuvres—just because! If you’d like some live music to liven up the party, we can help you find area musicians.


Send custom-curated gift packages. Treat your employees to gift packages sent to their homes with snacks, fresh-baked goods, and specialty items they can sample with each other virtually, or with their friends and families at home.


Martin + Fitch can help you bring an attitude of gratitude to your team in the NYC metro area. Contact us to discuss our workplace dining and corporate catering options, in northern New Jersey at 973-768-3924 or NYC at 646-745-0146. You’ll be grateful that you did!

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