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The Outlook on Office Catering

Just What Does an Office Caterer Bring to the Workplace Dining Table?

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” True, someone’s picking up the tab, and when it’s the employer, the benefits of that free lunch for your employees will certainly transcend its initial cost.

A CNBC report states that free food is the perk that attracts top talent most often. Nothing influences productivity like a team that feels energized, appreciated, and motivated. 

Free meals are pretty popular these days. But why retain the services of a corporate caterer as opposed to contactless pickup, Uber Eats, or making a reservation at a local eatery?

Caterers specializing in workplace dining understand the importance of prioritizing the wellbeing and safety of employees, and those efforts are meaningful to your team. 

Know-How Makes All the Difference

Judson Kleinman, CEO of Martin + Fitch, says this type of expertise makes all the difference when providing a valuable perk like in-office dining to your staff. “An experienced caterer knows how to address every nuance of in-office dining to provide customized solutions, accommodate food sensitivities and allergies, execute events seamlessly, and present hybrid solutions for on-site and off-site staff.”

A corporate caterer brings nutritional expertise to the table along with a solid grasp of how to engage and delight employees with delicious, healthy, seasonal foods—that’s no small potatoes!

Caterers Understand How to Serve Safely

Of equal importance is that your caterer will follow the latest recommended CDC protocols for cleanliness and safety. “It’s critical to have every protocol in place to protect employees. That includes prep shields, PPE, and individually wrapped foods to keep the environment as germ-free as possible,” says Kleinman.

In-office dining professionals have creativity that goes beyond lunch. They can offer breakfasts, catered meetings, elegant client dinners, after-work socials, company picnics, and corporate events. “Regular restaurants just can’t offer the same type of customized approach,” says Kleinman, “nor the convenience.”

Bringing meals to the conference room boosts your team’s time management efforts. Your staff can get their work done more efficiently and without distractions, because the corporate caterer handles all the details. When considering the time that gets wasted deciding what to eat, placing orders, setting up the dining area, and cleaning up after the meal, it’s easy to understand that those efforts can be better spent on the company project at hand. 

Corporate catering services are gaining momentum with businesses around the country. Here are a few key points on the benefits to employers:

  • Catering is flexible and provides all kinds of options for everything from serve-yourself options to individually plated meals.
  • Balancing the workday with breaks and encouraging face-to-face interaction over a nutritious snack benefits creativity and productivity. And, when your team is working “after 5,” efficient, nutritious fueling is valued and appreciated.
  • In-office catering allows businesses to create custom experiences when entertaining important clients. Distractions such as crowds, wait time and slow service are eliminated. And, there’s something to be said for closing that big deal on your home turf!
  • The employee perk of enjoying lunch “on the company” each day is a significant benefit. According to Glassdoor’s Employment Confidence survey, 80% of employees prefer perks and benefits rather than pay raises. Keeping your employees happy saves you the money of replacing them.

At Martin + Fitch, we offer fresh culinary experiences to companies throughout New York City and New Jersey.  Our innovative corporate catering menus change weekly, with seasonal selections created with an international flair. Thinking of catering your next working lunch? Here’s a sampling of what we offer:

Boxed Lunches Menu

Lunch Entrees Menu

Call us at 973-768-3924 or 646-745-0146 or email to learn more about our workplace dining options to fuel a well-fed, happy team.

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